MyBookie Review 2020: Everything you Need to Know

It could be a rather difficult thing for you to do to find a trustworthy online sports bookie. First of all – there are many sports bookies to choose from. Not all of them are trustworthy or legit. And they all have their differences. So, in this MyBookie Review 2020, you will get to learn more about this online sports betting bookie.

Our MyBookie Review 2020: The Advantages, Welcome Offers, and Bonuses 

Sports and Sports Markets Available 

There are many different sports and betting markets available at MyBookie. But then again, this is nothing special. Most of the other legitimate online sports bookies feature this selection, too. So, what are the sports that you can bet on?

There are many events from all over the world for sports boxing, NBA, soccer, MLB, Horse Racing, wrestling, e-sports, NFL, and a handful of others. What’s interesting to note here is the fact that there are betting options for outright weird fields like business, politics, and religion. So, it’s not all about sports betting after all. Not many people bet on these fields – but there are still some of us that really enjoy these niche betting markets. And you can find them alive and well at MyBookie.

It would take a decade for us to count all the sports markets that are available at MyBookie. The simple fact is that there are many of them. But still, we will give you an example – for the NBA sports markets. Some of the sports markets that you can bet on when it comes to NBA at MyBookie are round robins, buy points, futures, action points, parlays, totals, straights, money lines, and a handful of others. As you can see, there are quite a few options for the most ardent of sports bettors. The case is not much different when it comes to the betting markets for the other sports and events that are available at MyBookie. Have fun.

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Odds & Limits 

The odds at MyBookie are highly competitive. We wouldn’t go so far as to say that they are some of the best in the world – truth be told, there are other bookmakers that offer even better odds than MyBookie. But if you use any odds-comparison software, you will determine yourself that MyBookie does indeed offer quality odds to the players.

This does not mean that you can bet at pro levels at MyBookie, though. As a side-note to our MyBookie Review 2020, we have to mention the fact that the professional bettors and the people that tend to win a lot more money than they lose are not welcome at MyBookie. MyBookie reserves the right to withhold payments if the bookie determines that this condition is not met.

That aside, there are also some pretty weird betting limits when it comes to MyBookie. If you want to place a regular bet, then you will need to select a bet size somewhere between $10 and $1.000. The reason why we say this is weird is that the low limit is very high and the high limit is very low. Other sports betting bookies are known to take in bets as low as $1, or even 50 pins some cases. And when it comes to the highest bet limits – most of the other bookies offer a high betting limit of at least $2.000, even $3.000. So, betting at MyBookie will only be a good thing if you have enough money to cover the low limits (which is rather high) and if you have no intention in placing large bets over $1.000.

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Available Promotions and Special Offers 

Welcome Deposit Match Bonus: The first bonus that you can look forward to at MyBookie is the welcome deposit match bonus that you can get by entering the promo code “BOOKIEMAX”. You will get a 50% match on top of your deposit if you deposit $100 or more and you will be rewarded with up to $1.000 in this way. This is a pretty large bonus when you think about it. If you deposit less than $100 for your initial deposit, then you will still be rewarded – but this time with a 25% match on top of your deposit, not 50%. By using the promo code “BOOKIEMAX” you will get a 75% increase up to $1,000.

50% Sign-up Offer: One of the biggest bonuses in the platform that you could get by entering the bonus code “BOOKIEMAX”. It’s a 50% match of your deposit and you can get up to $1,000 in this way. However, It’s only for deposits of $100 or more that you will get the 50% match, up to $1,000.

Reload Bonus: There is a reload bonus for the sports book – you will get a 25% increase up to $500 for a reload. You can use the money for playing on the sportsbook on the platform. You can also use the 7% rebate bonus for the horse racing part of the platform. This is a good thing since there also aren’t any rollover requirements.

Additional Features 

Live Streaming 

The live streaming option is not something to brag about when it comes to MyBookie. Sure, it exists – and it covers some exciting sports and events. But for now, it’s too bland and it doesn’t cover many sports and events that it should, by all reasons of logic. So, some of the live streaming events and sports that you could watch at MyBookie are NHL, NBA, NFL, tennis, and some others.

Mobile Application 

Our MyBookie Review 2020 would be incomplete without a closer look at the mobile app.

The mobile app is well-designed and easy to understand – it’s available for Android and iOS. If you have already used the regular website, then you will have no problems whatsoever with using the MyBookie mobile app. It has a solid design and a high level of functionality. We hope you will enjoy using it.

Final thoughts for MyBookie platform 

So, we have come to the end of our MyBookie review. What we can determine is that MyBookie, despite its relative newness to the market – is striving to become one of the top competitors in the field of online sports betting. The fact that the professionals in online sports betting aren’t welcome and the facts that the betting limits are out of place puts a shadow on how this operator works. This is a legitimate company, but it has still shown to have some ties to not-so-ethical companies, so this is something to have in mind, too. But in the end, bettors keep using this website – so there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t try using it yourself. We hope you will enjoy it.

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Last update : January 2020